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Record Removal

Search Electoral Roll Ltd. the data controller will process the removal of any specific record upon request by the true data subject. That removal will be completed within 21 days.

The data controller (Search Electoral Roll Ltd.) is placed under a legal obligation under the data protection act to confirm the identity of the true data subject. Please ensure you supply the required information ensuring that said information supplied is accurate, any false information supplied will ensure a rejection notice is served.

To process the record removal from the live search results is a simple process, please also take a note of any search engine cached record that details your personal information and supply these page URL links when submitting the removal request.

What Constitutes a Record Removal

As advised by the ICO, best practice is to suppress a record from any live search on a public facing website rather than complete deletion. The reason for this is that if we delete the record and are then sold or collect the data again the record will again appear in our public facing database since we would have no way of knowing it should be omitted. By marking a record as 'deleted', even if we are sold the same data again, we still know that the record should be considered 'deleted' and therefore are still able to prevent it being used. Whilst a record is marked as 'deleted' no part of it can be used in any search or enquiry of our services. This ensures that requests for record removal have the desired effect and allows us to ensure we adhere to best practice.

Electoral roll records.

Records post 2002 - These records are consented records, the data subject was provided with the option to opt out.

For all electoral roll records pre 2002 we will remove all residency records when requested by an authenticated data subject without the need to supply a record removal reason. The reason for this is the data subject was obliged to register under statute and was offered no choice.

Before you commence the process we would first request you visit the ICO website to read the relevant section dealing with a cease processing/record removal request.

More Information From The ICO Website

To proceed to request a record removal we have two options - Free & Paid

Free service

Free Record Removal

The free section 10 record removal service will process and reply to your cease processing request within 21 days as per UK data protection laws.

We will inform you whether we have accepted your request to cease processing if the request received is a valid section 10 request with evidence to confirm you are the true data subject.

We have a need and right to verify your identity as per the UK data protection act.

A data controller is entitled to seek enough information to satisfy themselves that the data subject is fully authenticated.

To do this easily, we need proof of identity, consisting of either a copy of:

  • Government ID (photo and/or ID number can be redacted) of which examples are...
    • Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate

In regards to Photo ID and driving licence, please black out photo and licence number. We will only use the FULL DATE OF BIRTH information to process your record removal request. All record removal requests need to be accompanied by a full date of birth for the true data subject or the request will not be processed.

Please note if you are currently on the open consented electoral roll you will not normally be removed from our live search results because you have consented to the record being sold by your local council and to the record being processed for any use by any person or organisation.

If you have recently removed your entry from the current open electoral roll, i.e. within the last six months, you should forward a letter or email from your local council registration office confirming this position. Please note that your council is under no obligation to inform any organisation who has purchased or is processing the record that you have removed consent for at source. Upon changing your mind and removing your entry from the open electoral roll it then becomes your responsibility, as the data subject, to inform others; hence the requirement for written confirmation of the change.

The data controller is also entitled to seek evidence the company is processing your personal data at the address you supply for the data controller to consider any free record removal request.

What is required from you (data subject) is the full page URL that details your personal data (true data subject).
The following is an example of a valid link...


If you fail to provide this information we will NOT PROCESS any record removal request. Should you be under any doubt as to our entitlement to this information prior to considering a record removal request we would advise you to contact the ICO before you make a record removal application to Search Electoral Roll Ltd.

Address for posting section 10 request and evidence of identity:
Search Electoral Roll Ltd
1a, Swan Business Centre
4 Higher Swan Lane

Other options to consider

Paid services

Paid Record Removal From Live Instant Results - Online 24 Hours HERE

It is imporrtant that you supply within your paid record removal request any cached links to your records at the one identified address. It is important so we can remove them for you within the original request process.

If you fail to supply search engine links in your online request your historic cached records may still be available online. Please remember although you may be removed from the Live search results within 24 Hours if you do not supply historic search engine links your record may be available beyond 24 Hours until you have supplied the relevant search engine cached links.

It important to understand and accept before you proceed with this service that we cannot remove Google text from the internet. Google text is a matter entirely for Google, we neither generate nor are responsible for Google text.

Online express record removal within 24 hours is available here - cost is £10 - payment is made by secure on line payment processor. You will receive an email confirming the record removal is completed from our live search results. Please be aware the payment should be in the name of the data subject and be resident at the registered address for the payment card. This act will confirm our requirement to confirm identity verification.

Record Removal by telephone

Telephone: instant record removal by telephoning...

Record Suppression Line 090 3993 3993
Calls charged at £2.50 per minute, plus your phone provider’s access charge.
You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission to call.

Average record removal call is 3 minutes. Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 19:00. All record removal/suppression requests initiated by telephone will be completed within 24 hours.

Record Removal by pre-recorded message

Telephone 0903 983 0023 and you will be asked for the name and address for the removal. The removal, from our live search results, will be completed within 2 working days.

Calls charged at total cost £6 for our removal services, plus your phone provider’s access charge.

This pre-recorded removal line is available 24 Hours a day 7 days a week

Important Note

We will process your record removal in a fair manner and will always be polite, clear and communicate in a concise manner.

Please do not swear, threaten, abuse, be derogatory to any employee whether by telephone, letter, email or any other media. Our employees deserve to be treated in exactly the same way you would expect to be treated by our company.

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