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Age when available

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You can also telephone our Instant people Tracing line to
obtain information without the need to register or use a credit/debit card.

Instant People Tracing Line 118 511
Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 19:00
Calls charged at £3.60 per minute, plus your phone provider’s access charge.

No Google Ads Whilst In Credit!

Electoral Roll search packages include enhanced data containing telephone numbers, forwarding address,
dates of birth, time at address and dual searching (search for 2 persons residing together).
Data only provided where available. Other manual searches of premium data are available via Global credits.
Gold 7 Day Electoral Roll Search725/01/2018£16.66£19.99
Will give you...
Unlimited Searching For 7 Days.
Gold 30 Day Electoral Roll Search3017/02/2018£33.32£39.98
Will give you...
Unlimited Searching For 30 Days.
Gold 365 Day Electoral Roll Search36518/01/2019£416.66£499.99
Will give you...
Unlimited Searching For 365 Days.
Global Search Credit Valid for 90 Days9518/04/2018£16.66£19.99
Will give you...
95 BT Searches
2 Death Searches 1980-2018
9 Insolvency Searches
2 Email Searches
2 Ex-Directory Searches
2 Mobile Number Searches
2 Reverse Telephone Searches
...or combinations of the above.
Global Search Credit Valid for 90 Days35018/04/2018£41.66£49.99
Will give you...
350 BT Searches
10 Death Searches 1980-2018
35 Insolvency Searches
10 Email Searches
10 Ex-Directory Searches
10 Mobile Number Searches
10 Reverse Telephone Searches
...or combinations of the above.
Global Search Credit Valid for 90 Days50018/04/2018£49.99£59.99
Will give you...
500 BT Searches
14 Death Searches 1980-2018
50 Insolvency Searches
14 Email Searches
14 Ex-Directory Searches
14 Mobile Number Searches
14 Reverse Telephone Searches
...or combinations of the above.
Global Search Credit Valid for 90 Days80018/04/2018£66.66£79.99
Will give you...
800 BT Searches
22 Death Searches 1980-2018
80 Insolvency Searches
22 Email Searches
22 Ex-Directory Searches
22 Mobile Number Searches
22 Reverse Telephone Searches
1 Person Trace • No Find No Fee
...or combinations of the above.

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Pay Pal Payments

Only available for existing customers who initially paid via credit card on first purchase.

All Pay Pal payments will be placed on review to confirm identity of purchaser prior to the tracing account being credited with search credits. A manual review is required to confirm identity and prevent fraud.

Payments by Pay Pal will normally be reviewed within 2 hours of normal working hours.

General comments

To avoid any unnecessary delays in receiving your search credits and to aid our authentication process please supply a contact land line telephone number at the supplied address and do not use the company address for registration because that will involve a delay in authentication you the client. We take the issue of fraud and the misuse of personal data seriously and authenticate each and every user before accessing date of birth data. All new clients will not be able to view exact date of birth data. New clients will only receive an indication of age until the user has been fully authenticated.

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