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Our Land Registry search will reveal the current owners of any registered property in England & Wales, sourced officially from the HM Land Registry. A typical Land Registry search will reveal the full names and addresses of the property owners, official purchase date, details of any mortgages or charges against the property. If the property was sold after January 1999, a Land Registry search will also contain the exact purchase price if known.

Land Registry search information is updated on a daily basis to ensure that our Land Registry search provides you with the most of the up to date information registered with HM Land Registry.

Our tracing agents will return the copy title deeds to the property to your tracing account normally within 3 hours, during Land Registry Office normal working hours.

This type of search is extremely useful in identifying or confirming a person’s assets. If you need to know the owner of any property in England & Wales to settle a dispute or to make an offer to purchase, a Land Registry search will reveal the name of the owner and our people search tool can assist in verifying or tracing a current address.

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