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If the person is in the UK phone book and you know the rough area to search this tool will identify the phone directory entry for the current land line telephone number. You must use only a surname and area to maximise the chances of recovering the correct record.

If the person is ex-directory or is not the bill payer they will not be identified from a telephone directory search. Over 55% of all land line telephone numbers are ex-directory.

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If you need a truly current UK phone book which is updated daily please purchase global search credits here.

Using our free phone number search, you’ll soon be on your way to finding for free phone numbers enabling you to connect with the person you’re looking for or identify an old address. The good news is, even if you don’t have the full details, our free telephone number lookup. We can help you find a phone number. As long as you have the surname and first initial to enter into the search fields, it will return a list of names, addresses and phone numbers that will help you find the details of the person you’re looking for.

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