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For those occasions when you cannot trace a person using electoral roll records. Tracing agents will trace in total confidence (the subject will not be aware of any trace action) any missing person in the UK normally within 24 Hours if you can supply the following information to our investigators.

  • Full Name
  • Old Address within last 10 years or full date of birth (please check terms for full conditions).

We will also work to the following points:

  • If none of the above are available we will still accept the trace using all supplied known information but not on a No Find No Fee basis and no refunds will will be made.
  • If residency or ownership (by subject or partner) of a property is confirmed then that will constitute a successful trace.

Tracing missing people/debtors to an address can be frustrating for the general public, we successfully trace over 80% of all tracing instructions. If a person has moved address and elected not to be recorded upon the edited version of the UK electoral roll the chances of tracing the missing person to a current address by a non professional are not good.

Our professional tracing agents will use all their skills and experience to trace the missing person in total and absolute confidence, our data protection licence is ZA163005. This tracing service will trace the subject to a new address or confirm existing address. When tracing a debtor we will access credit reference information and in particular, Experian auto debtor trace reports. The latest address identified within that report will be used to confirm address. If debtor remains identified at the known address and no further evidence of movement is confirmed, then that will consititute a successful trace.

We trace over 88% of all tracing instructions and complete over 65% within 24 hours, although we cannot guarantee all instructions will be completed within 24 hours because additional checks or information obtained from birth records may be required.

Positive Trace Any new address not supplied by you which we have evidence of past or current residency or we confirm residency at any last known address supplied by you which we have confirmed residency for subject whether by supplying telephone or land registry ownership information. Please supply all last known or associated addresses subject is known to use, failure to supply any old address is the responsibility of the client.

Negative Trace Searches will be notified to the client at the earliest opportunity within your tracing account. We will also supply, free of charge, any additional information of traceable value that we collected during the unsuccessful investigation. 800 search credits will be returned to your tracing account.

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