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Reverse UK landline & Mobile telephone number search

Find an address from UK telephone numbers. We have access to over 85 million UK land line telephone numbers which includes over 18 million currently listed ex directory numbers, We also hold over 30 million UK mobile telephone numbers A positive trace will return an address and person or organisation who is using or associated with the supplied number.

We can legally supply these telephone numbers to the general public because they have been disclosed within a consented telephone number database. Although we have access to the largest UK consented telephone database containing 115 million UK only telephone numbers we do not claim to hold every UK mobile or UK land line telephone number. This search is not "no find no fee" all searches involve considerable resources in searching over 30 million UK mobile numbers or 85 million UK land line telephone numbers.

The trace will be completed in total accordance with UK law and with our agreed terms and conditions of trade and in total confidentiality by our agents and placed in your Search History; normally within 24 hours during working hours.

  • A positive trace will return:
    • Person’s/User's full name.
    • Address attributed to the owner/user.
    • Confirmation of live or non functioning telephone number

Manual Find Address from Landline Telephone or Mobile Number • 30 Credits Purchase Credits

Searching a database of over 115 million records

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